About Us

Thank you for visiting my about page! 😉 My name is Nathan, and I own besttacticalflashlighttoday.net

Like many of you readers, I think of myself as an avid adventurer/outdoors person. I regularly went hiking, camping and mountain biking, so I understood the need for a tactical flashlight. I soon found myself owning a few tactical lights, and I have been building off that ever since.

I originally made this website to help provide information about the best tactical flashlight for different needs and for different people. I struggled picking out my first few tactical flashlights, so my goal was to make the buying decision a little easier compared to mine.

I think my ultimate tactical flashlight comparison chart should help anyone with their buying decision because it shows the straight facts of each flashlight in one place. So if it just helps one person, then I am happy with it.

✏️  Thanks for visiting, feel free to comment if you have any suggestions for content or you have any questions! Contact