This Is The Best AAA Flashlight! – You Need It!

Do You Want The Best AAA Flashlight Possible?

I have just recently posted my take on what the best AA flashlight was, and now it’s time for the best AAA flashlight!  Although AA led flashlights are fairly powerful, I wouldn’t consider them even close to as powerful as tactical flashlights or as durable either.  These are fine little flashlights, but if you need more power for extreme scenarios then I suggest you look at our tactical flashlight comparison page.  I have owned quite a few AAA flashlights, mainly they were all my starter flashlights.  I had quite a good run with some of these flashlights, they were moderately powerful and they were really cheap.  These are some of the more practical flashlights for everyday use, but if you are into hiking or need a flashlight for outdoors activity, I suggest something a little stronger.  But enough talk, lets get into it!  What is the best AAA flashlight?

What Should You Expect From A Good AAA Flashlight?

With a AAA flashlight you should expect a decent product.  But then again, most AAA flashlights

best aaa flashlight

are on the lower end so you shouldn’t expect a flashlight with 300+ lumens.  I think it’s reasonable to expect the following specs from a AAA light.

  • Hopefully around 50 lumens at max output
  • Hopefully more than one setting (Ideally 3)
  • Made from a material other than cheap plastic

Following these guidelines, I found two AAA Flashlights that I believe are great options for anyone in the marketplace.  I found one flashlight that was on the higher end of the AAA marketplace, and the other was a lot budget friendly.  So now that we know what makes the best aaa flashlight, lets get into it!

The Higher End AA Flashlight – Fenix LD01 Flashlight

For the higher end option, I picked the Fenix LD01 Flashlight by Fenix. If you are looking for a higher end flashlight, this can be one of the best aaa flashlights around. The specs of this flashlight are as follows.

  • 72 Max Lumens on High Mode
  • 3 Lighting Modes (High, Mid, Low)
  • Weighs 1.6 Oz
  • The Length is 0.6 x 0.6 x 3 Inches

These specs are pretty impressive for a AAA flashlight.  It supports a very high max lumen output for a budget flashlight.  It can support as long as one hour on the max output level.  I myself have not owned this particular model but I have heard great things.  It is made of aircraft grade aluminum so it is very durable!  I thoroughly suggest this higher end AAA flashlight.

The Lower End Option – Hanvex LF9465 Aluminum Penlight

For the lower end option, I would select the Hanvex LF9465 Aluminum Penlight! I tried to give you guys option of both higher cost and lower cost, so you’re welcome!  This is one of the best aaa flashlights for the price, it’s specs are as follows.

  • aaa led flashlight50 Max Lumens on High Mode
  • Only 1 Lighting Mode (Had to Ignore This Part Because The Price Is Awesome!)
  • Weighs 2.6 Oz
  • The Length is 5.7 x 0.8 x 0.8 Inches

So all in all, this is quite a quality flashlight.  It supports a decent max lumen output and it is made of quality aluminum that is very durable.  Although this isn’t the brightest AAA flashlight,this will get any general lighting needs done with ease!  So, if you need one of the best aaa flashlights and don’t want to spend too much, this one is it!