The Best Firefighter Flashlight! – Streamlight 90540 Survivor

Best Firefighter Flashlight

If you might have noticed, the flashlight is a very essential tool to any active duty firefighter.  This tool can be the difference between life and death, and if you don’t get it right you will be lost in the pitch black inferno that is a house ablaze.

I myself have never been a firefighter but I come from a long line of firefighters.  My dad was a firefighter, two of my brothers are firefighters and I’m sure there will be even more down the line!  I respect what these guys do, and I know how important they are, so if I can put the best firefighter flashlight in their hands, then I will!

What Makes The Best Firefighter Flashlight?

A firefighter needs a very specific flashlight to be safe.  They need to be of course, very bright,  bright enough to push through the smoke and smog so they can located and rescue the occupants. These lights also have to be small and compact enough that it doesn’t slow the firefighters down.  Along with that they need to be able to take a beating.

Firefighters in the mist of a burning building don’t have the luxury of being able to be extremely gentle with their tools, so the lights need to be able to be thrown around a little bit.  So I’m not sure if I would consider these tactical lights or not, but you can check out my tactical flashlight comparison chart

So What is the Best Firefighter Light?

Out of all the firefighting flashlights, I have decided that the best firefighter flashlight is the Streamlight 90540 Survivor.

best firefighter flashlight - streamlight 90540 survivorThis Streamlight flashlight is one tough light.  This flashlight has the specifications that will save you or a firefighters life.  The 90540 has the following specifications.

VIDEO | Streamlight – Survivor


  • It weight 13.7 oz with batteries
  • The dimensions are as follows: 7.06 x 2.85 x 2.87 Inches
  • Made of Super Tough Nylon Polymer
  • Made from an LED bulb
  • Extreme Weather proof
  • 405 meter light beam on the highest setting
  • Runs off of 4 AA batteries
  • Passes the 30 foot drop test
  • Has a maximum lumen output of 175 lumens
  • Four hours of run time on high mode

As you can see this is a power house of a flashlight.  It is pretty small and compact but it’s not so small that you may get worried about losing it or breaking it, because it can handle some knocks! With a maximum lumen output of 140, it has more than enough power to punch through the smoke and fire in a building.

So, if you are a firefighter, or you know of one, then get this light. This is the best firefighter flashlight in the game, it can and will save a life!

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