Pelican Flashlights 7060-001-110X 7060 Rechargeable LED Light Review

A simple flashlight is one of the most important tools any person can own. Everyone from law enforcement agents and military personnel to homeowners can find everyday uses for a reliable tactical flashlight. Pelican produces some of the most popular tac-lights currently on the market. The 7060 is a continuation of their long line of excellent, high-quality products.

The Pelican 7060 is unique, because Pelican designers collaborated with the Los Angeles Police Department to develop a standard issue tactical patrol light for their officers. Right now the 7060 is currently being used by one of the United State’s largest police forces to great effect.

Pelican Flashlights 7060-001-110X 7060


• Weighs 10.2 ounces
• Measures 9.8 inches by 5.5 inches by 3.8 inches
• Pelican flashlights come with LED bulbs
• The device has a luminous flux of 130
• Shipping weight of the item with all of the included add-ons is 1.8 pounds
• Comes with rechargeable batteries and a recharging port
• Comes with two Lithium-ion batteries
• Batteries can last for fifteen hours on low and over two hours on high
• Beam distance of over 240 meters on high and 113 meters on low
• Water resistant exterior
• The body and shroud are made from tough Xenoy
• Polycarbonate lens has a smudge-proof coating
• Two three-way switches located on the side and tail of the flashlight’s body


Pelican Flashlights 7060-001-110X 7060Pelican flashlights come with a host of new features and applications that help push the 7060 ahead of its competition. The Pelican’s LED light uses a new dual switch that allows the light to be activated from two places. This gives the user greater flexibility if they’re in a tough spot and don’t have time to fiddle with switches. The tactical light also features a momentary light mode that allows the user to have the light go on only when the button is depressed.

LED Lighting

A new favorite among flashlight manufacturers, LED lights are much more rugged than conventional bulbs, and won’t break if the tactical light is dropped. You won’t have to replace any of the LED bulbs either, because LED lights don’t run as hot, making them less likely to burn out over time. The 7060 has a clean, white LED beam that can reach over 100 yards, making it the first LED light that is a powerful as a incandescent bulb.

Improved Design

Pelican Flashlights 7060-001-110X 7060Pelican flashlights are known for their advanced design and overall rugged build, and the 7060 lives up to every expectation. The tactical flashlight can be dropped, kicked, thrown, and used as a bludgeon without affecting the internal mechanisms.

The Pelican 7060 is built with a unique octagonal shape, so it won’t roll away when placed on its side. The tac-light also has a serrated lens shroud, so light will spill out if the flashlight is still on and placed on its head.

One of the newest additions to the 7060 are several cooling fins around the body of the light. Also known as a heat synch, the ribs draw heat away from the LED module and keep the 7060 at its optimal operating temperature.


• The tactical flashlight’s LAPD style is sleek and easy to handle
• The flashlight is lightweight for a device its size and has an overall durable feel
• The LEDs are very bright and can throw a lot of light
• Pelican flashlights have dual switch technology, so the light can be activated from two switches on either side of the body
• The flashlight can be gripped from several different positions, while still maintaining full control of the activation switch
• The batteries don’t take long to charge and can be recharged from almost any location
• The 7060 is less expensive than other models of Pelican flashlights, without losing out on features or function
• The light output is twice as bright flashlights at a similar price point
• The flashlight is rugged and dependable, making it great for anyone who uses a flashlight at their job
• The tactical light can easily be used in conjunction with a handgun or other type of firearm


• Many people prefer to use a different holster than the one that comes with the Pelican 7060
• The battery cannot be easily replaced in the field, so make sure to keep your batteries charged
• It can be easy to miss the low power light that flashes when you’re about to lose power

Final Verdict

The Pelican 7060 was designed to be the best flashlight for patrol and tactical applications while keeping all of the features that make Pelican flashlights so popular. Durable, high-tech, and very useful, Pelican flashlights like the 7060 are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality tactical flashlight that won’t break the bank.

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