Nitecore Tactical Star Precise P25 Smilodon Rechargeable LED Flashlight Review

The newest addition to Nitecore’s Precise series, the P25 Smilodon is named after the saber-tooth tiger because of the tac-light’s ferocity and power. The Nitecore P25 can be used as an every-day handheld light or as a weapon mounted tactical flashlight. Many law enforcement agencies use the Nitecore P25 as a mounted lighting device because of its reliability.

nitecore p25 tactical flashlight



The NiteCore P25 offers military quality without the high price that comes from buying military surplus gear. The light’s body is made from aircraft grade aluminum and has a HAIII military grade hard finish. The entire light is fully submersible up to two meters, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the device. The light is built to be rugged, tough, and very dependable.


• Equipped with Premium CREE XM-L U2 LED lights
• The flashlight has a maximum output of 860 lumens
• The high-efficiency internal circuit board has over 325 hours of runtime
• Integrated power indicator light that displays remaining battery power
• Waterproof with IPX-8 to two meters
• The flashlight measures 6.3 inches by 1.6 inches by 1.6 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces
• The batteries are made from Lithium metal
• The chassis is constructed from aero-military grade hard-anodized aluminum alloys
• The tactical flashlight has a peak beam intensity of 20,000 cd
• The light has a throw distance of up to 283 meters
• Ultra-clear mineral glass with an anti-reflective coating
• Integrated dual connector rail that can be attached to mounting rails and other systems
• The package comes with a micro USB car charger
• Comes with a 40 millimeter diffuser so the device can be used as a reading light
• Comes with settings for strobe, SOS, and regular use

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The Light’s five output modes make it useful in any situation. The lowest setting has an output of 2 lumens, which is typical for a regular flashlight. In the lowest output mode, the tactical flashlight has a runtime of up to 325 hours.

nitecore p25

A typical tac-light only has a runtime of about 168 hours, which pushes the NiteCore P25 head and shoulders above the competition. On turbo mode, the flashlight has an output of 860 lumens, which is enough for self-defense or scaring away large animals.

Easy Recharge

Many tactical lights that use regular batteries run out of power quickly, so you have to spend more money on batteries than you would using a rechargeable light. The NiteCore P25 uses non-standard, rechargeable batteries, so you will only have to make one battery purchase for the life of the product. Right below the device’s head, there’s a small rubber cap that covers a USB charging port. Once you remove the rubber cap, you can use any micro-USB plug to charge the tactical flashlight. Many people prefer charging their tac-light in the car, so it will always be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

nitecore p25

Many Add-Ons

The NiteCore P25 comes with a USB charger, a rugged holster, and a titanium pocket clip. The tactical flashlight is compatible with many aftermarket products, so you can combine the device with your favorite holster or lanyard. Replacement parts such as new batteries, tail caps, and O-rings can be purchased online on the NiteCore website.

nitecore p25


• The tactical flashlight has a unique single button interface that can rapidly switch between eight different brightness levels, and turn the tactical flashlight on and off
• The charger works quickly and effectively, reducing the charging time and making it safe to charge in wet environments
• The integrated micro-USB charging port is water, dust, and impact resistant
• NiteCore’s intelligent memory function stores your preferred brightness levels at the click of a button
• The radiator fins at the front dissipate much of the heat from the 860-lumen bulb
• The tactical flashlight can easily be stood on its tail
• The device has integrated, spring-loaded impact absorption that can sustain many powerful blows before encountering issues
• The flashlight is very bright even on the lowest setting
• When incorporated with a holster, the flashlight is easy and quick to deploy

nitecore p25


• On turbo mode, the battery only lasts one hour and fifteen minutes
• The NiteCore P25 might feel a little heavy compared to other NiteCore models
• Batteries are not included with the NiteCore P25
• The device requires special batteries that are hard to find in a regular store

Final Verdict

Easy to use and quick to deploy, the NiteCore P25 is a handy flashlight for any application. The flashlight can be easily drawn from a duty belt, and is a must have for anyone who uses a flashlight in conjunction with a firearm. The NiteCore P25 is durable, effective, and affordable, making it one of the most popular tactical flashlights currently on the market.


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