What is The Best Keychain Flashlight?

What Makes The Best Keychain Flashlight?

Best Keychain Flashlight

Do you need a general use flashlight that is small enough to be with you where ever you go without causing a problem?  Maybe you should consider getting a keychain flashlight.  Keychain flashlights are simply enough exactly what they sound like, they are a flashlight that can hook onto a regular old keychain without being a huge distraction.

So obviously these flashlights are small, but how small are keychain flashlights?  The average keychain light is under 3 inches long, and normally under 1 inch high and under 1 inch wide.  So on average these lights are very small, and can easily fit on a keychain.  But what makes the best keychain flashlight?

As you might have guessed, these flashlights definitely lack the power that a normal flashlight would have because of their size. Just a word to the wise, keychain flashlights shouldn’t be used in outdoors activities like hiking or camping, as they are quite weak. You may want to check out the list of the best edc flashlights to choose from for such activities.  If you need any more outdoors tips then you should probably take a look at https://www.realitysurvival.com, it’s run by a great guy and he is very insightful!

But, lets jump right into it!  Here is the best keychain flashlight that can be used for general use!

The Flashlight You Have Been Waiting For – ITP Light A3 EOS

If you are looking for a keychain flashlight i’m here to suggest you look at the ITP Light A3 EOS.

The ITP A3 has the following specs.

best keychain flashlight

  • A max lumen output level of 96 lumens on the highest setting!
  • Runs on a single AAA battery
  • A length of 2.6 inches!
  • A weight of 0.16 ounces!

As you can see this is a tiny little flashlight that packs a whole lot of light into such a tiny frame.  This is the perfect example of a keychain flashlight.  As you can see it is extremely small, small enough that it can fit on a keychain without it distracting you or weighing you down.  This flashlight is great, but if you are buying it expecting that it will be efficient enough to use as your only light source while you’re out camping, I’m sorry to bring the bad news.

This is a fantastic little light, but it’s not powerful enough for those big jobs like for hunting or camping. This is more of a flashlight for finding something you dropped, or to keep in your wallet.  But even the brightest keychain flashlight probably won’t be able to efficiently provide you with light while in a potentially dangerous outdoors situation.  So if you are a doomsday prepper or a just a regular old person that likes the outdoors than this could be very helpful!

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