My Life Gear Flashlight Review!

Life Gear Tactical Flashlights Put All Others on Notice

life gear flashlight

If you’re in the market for a tactical flashlight, you’ve probably noticed you have more options available to you than ever before. This means a number of different specifications and price ranges to consider. However, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best tactical flashlight out there. You never know; it could save your life.

Ease of Use

One thing you have to take into consideration when looking for the best tactical flashlight is ease of use. A lot of companies like to boast how their tactical flashlight is the perfect companion to, or even replacement for, a pocket knife or gun. But then they go and build a cumbersome model that can’t be easily transported, retrieved or even used.

Any Life Gear flashlight already comes with the reputation of being simple to use. They are all heavy enough to deserve their “tactical” designation, yet they’re not overly bulky and there are no weird angles on them that would stop you from confidently pulling them off your side.

 LED Lightinglife gear led lights

Obviously, it goes without saying that a superior tactical flashlight should provide LED lighting. Anything less than that may save you money, but will cost you in performance. That’s why you won’t find any halogen or other types of bulbs here. No, instead Life Gear actually makes all their tactical flashlights with brilliant LED lights. For this kind of lighting, you only need to supply six C batteries,

Superior Materials

This ease-of-use is due in large part to the aircraft-grade hardened aluminum Life Gear uses to make the best tactical flashlight option on the market. Obviously, this gives each flashlight a much lighter weight. So you can carry it just about anywhere without being worse off for the decision.

However, aircraft-grade hardened aluminum is no joke. It’s extremely durable, especially when compared to other materials that get used by competitive brands.


Many people own a number of tactical flashlights, just as they would any other tool. It makes them ready no matter what the job. Well, if you want to take this same tactic with a Life Gear flashlight, you won’t be disappointed. They sell flashlights as long as 18 inches and as short as about 6. So in terms of length, you’ll have no problems getting your needs met.

Protective Case

Even though they’re made from aircraft-grade aluminum, that doesn’t mean you want to take any chances with your tactical flashlight. Many people just throw theirs in a toolbox, glove box or leave it out in the open and end up worse-off for it. That’s why you get a handy tactical bag with your purchase. The soft interior will help buffer any type of impact that might damage your Life Gear flashlight while you’re out on the job.

Multiple Modes

Tactical flashlights are built for more than just illuminating the dark, though that is an important feature. They’re also meant for emergency situations when you need to attract attention. That’s why Life Gear makes their tactical flashlights with four separate modes all of which can be activated from the same button.

You can turn the LED light to high, low or off just by clicking through the same easy to access button. However, you can also turn it to strobe if you need to ensure others see you from a distance. No matter what the conditions, there will be no missing a strobe from a Life Gear flashlight.

But the main goal of a good strobe flashlight is disorienting an attacker. Between the intensity of light this flashlight can give off and a strobing effect, you can bet any would-be attacker is going to have a hard time following through on their plans.

Three Red Light Button

life gear red light

Like any good tactical flashlight, you’ll also get red light with these models. This is great for use at night when you don’t want your eyes to have to adjust. There’s a button you push to turn it on, one to turn it off and another to get the flasher effect going. Two CR2025 batteries are needed for the red light, but Life Gear provides them with your purchase.


Alright, time to cover how much it will cost you for all these important features. If you know anything about the tactical flashlight market, you already know you have to pay for quality. Furthermore, you want a tactical flashlight you’ll be confident in having.

For a quality, Life Gear flashlight, It will just depend on your budget and how much you need from your tool

If you just want a tactical flashlight, there are a number of companies out there to choose from. However, if you want the best tactical flashlight, Life Gear is your go to choice.

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